“Federation of Nepal Book and Stationery Business” (FNBSB)  was established on 28 Paush 2063, an umbrella organization of businessmen engaged in the business of book, stationery and stationery materials manufacturers, importers, distributors and retail business scattered all over the country. This organization was formed with the aim of supporting the state in the production of educational manpower while protecting the interests of businessmen involved in the business of books and various educational materials .Since its inception, Nepal Book and Stationery Traders Federation has been known as a strong, established professional umbrella organization.

Since its inception, the federation has identified the problems of businessmen scattered all over the country and has been advocating for policy reforms to solve them. To increase the level of consciousness of people, quality education is needed, for quality education, quality educational materials are needed, through which the vision of a civilized and educated society is fulfilled. The federation is imbibing this feeling and is moving forward by refining its program according to time.

 “Quality production, fair trade, access to policy making, organizational base”

“Professional Protection and Organizational Empowerment Our Mission”

“A New Campaign in Education for Social Transformation”

“Library at home with books in hand”

It has been preparing slogans like etc. and providing guardianship in their effective implementation.

The federation has been organizing large book exhibitions and educational festivals with the aim of developing a culture of reading in the nation and producing educated and intellectual manpower to help build a civilized nation. So far, 8 large national book exhibitions and educational festivals have been completed.

On the occasion of the educational festival, a special tradition is being developed to honor the creators who have played a leading role in the upliftment of the country in various fields.

Since its inception, the Federation has been giving its clear views on various matters of national importance. During the people’s movement of 2062.63, an appeal was issued at the national level and businessmen from all over the country were invited to play a role in favor of the said movement. It has been standing in the midst of people suffering from natural disasters such as the devastating earthquake of 2072, the covid epidemic of 2077.078, floods, landslides, fires, etc. in different years.

Even though we are businessmen, we have been conducting social service programs more than business. Even though we are businessmen, compared to people involved in other business businesses, we have an immense sense of social service because we are involved with people who are literate and educated. The federation has been playing a leading role in demonstrating its social and humanitarian work by supporting the poor, needy, needy students, parents and ordinary citizens with books, stationery, paper, food, clothes and cash. The federation is doing a sacred and special task of building a library on the occasion of the Foundation Day, National and International Book Day so that the inmates in the jail are not deprived of reading and learning.