On behalf of the Federation of Nepal Book and Stationery Business, a memorandum of gift has been submitted to the Honorable Ashok Kumar Rai, Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Government of Nepal. In the meeting, the Honorable Minister expressed his commitment to play a role in meeting the demands made by the federation.
Highlights of the meeting:
1. The proposed book policy along with the draft should be released immediately.
2. Concessional customs rates should be applied to the import of paper and other raw materials required for the production of books and other educational materials.
3. The decision made by the honorable Supreme Court on 2069/2/10 regarding the sale and distribution of textbooks should be fully implemented.
4. Draw attention to the fact that schools are printing copies and textbooks in their own name and demand to stop such activities.
5. The price of textbooks used in schools from class 1 to 12 should be adjusted.
6. Once registered in the course and approved, the textbook should be re-evaluated for the duration of the course.
7. Other topics of contemporary importance!
     We express our sincere gratitude to former Education Minister Honorable Dinanath Sharma for facilitating the meeting.
I express my sincere gratitude to Honorable Minister Ashok Kumar Rai for providing sufficient time and taking our demands seriously and expressing commitment to fulfill the above mentioned demands.
     Thank you very much to Bagmati Provincial Advisory Coordinator Krishnachandra Paudeljiu, Province, District and Kathmandu Regional Committee friends who were present with me!

General Secretary
Shivasagar Sharma
Central Secretariat

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